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Líneas 902
Spanish 902 Numbers     

Spanish 902 numbers are part of what is called Intelligent Network and are a must all business companies should have as their contact phones. Some core reasons for this are:

  • Image: Image: A company with a 902 phone line number projects a sound and reliable image. It`s the phone line associated with Customer Service.
  • Versatility: The Spanish 902 number is a virtual telephone line number that is not associated with any local telephone exchange and as such it can be diverted to any location, allowing calls to be allocated based on several criteria: among delegations depending on where the call comes from, load balancing among your offices, date and time, and many more.
  • Adaptability: If you change location, your 902 number will be the same. As it is a virtual number, it can be diverted to another fixed telephone line number without your clients noticing . Also, all the stationery you have given already, such as brochures, flyers, catalogs, and tri-fold brochures will remain useful.
  • Effectiveness: A 902 phone line allows you to divert calls to a different location very quickly. This way, you can act promptly in any given circumstance.
  • Delocalization: The 902 number is not associated with any local telephone exchange, so you won´t lose any client because your phone number prefix is associated with a particular area with which your caller has a certain rivalry or because the prefix is associated with a lower image area than that of the capital city.
  • Profitability: Our 902 numbers are profitable as you will receive a small profit for each minute of each call (from the very first second).
  • Analysis: Every 902 phone line number has a statistical analysis with information about the calls received: date, time and exact second when the call was received, location of the call, duration, etc.
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